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Frivillighed, engagement og udvikling af gode fællesarealer from Andreas Bro on Vimeo.

hjerteforeningen from Andreas Bro on Vimeo.

Posted 9. January 2014
French embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark following the horrendous killing of journalists.

Posted 18. September 2014
The exhibit of a collection of images called RIGA in Copenhagen is over. Here you can see a small sample of the exhibit. It is possible to buy signed and numbered prints of the images below. Just send me an email at

Posted 13. May 2014

Leucopatch helps patients with diabetes recover their wounds with the help of their own blood, not needing any medication.

Posted 13. May 2014

Posted 12. February 2014


Posted 11. February 2014


Posted 19. October 2013

I recently produced a video for a Danish democracy campaign called Whymocracy. click the image and see the film.
You can read and see more at

Posted 24. september 2013

This past summer I shot stills for a Danish reality show. This is some of the outtakes. The show aires on channel 5 on Danish TV.

Posted 5. september 2013

recently my grandfather passed away. after the funeral we went to see the farm where he and my grandmother spent most of their lives.

I did a shoot for the health sector in Copenhagen with photographer Benita Marcussen about stress. took a while to get all our ducks in a row.

Posted 2. september 2013

I went out for images and came back with this.

Posted 2. June 2013

I recently did a campaign for a Danish national news programme called TV2 Nyhederne with photographer Rasmus Weng Karlsen
This photo that I took, is one of three images that is shown all around the country.

Posted 24. May 2013

I went to Paris a couple of weeks ago with my Contax. this is what came out of it.

Posted 2. May 2013

These are from the first couple of rolls of film with my new Contax T3 which is a incredible little snapshot camera. I used the B/W tri-x film.

Posted 2. May 2013

I recently did a shoot for a bar in Copenhagen called Din Nye Ven. Here are a couple of images from the shoot.
if you ever are in Copenhagen go to and find it. it's worth a visit.

Posted 2. April 2013

1. of March i recieved an award in Danish Picture of the year for best foreign news picture from a protest in Azerbaijan. I am very honoured to accept this. The story featured on CNN photoblog. watch and read the full story here on my website.

Posted 27. February 2013

Done on a camera from the sixties. Film is the B/W Tri-X

Posted 22. February 2013

This is shots from the same roll of film from 2010, where i traveled all over the states and Europe.

Clouds in the thin air

Skyline, Chicago Illinois

Aerial shot, place unknown

Town, place unknown

Giant piece of street art, Berlin

A cloud in the thin air

Cemetery, New Orleans Louisiana

Tarmac, place unknown

Posted 31. January 2013

I went to Austria for 10 days to do some work for a client. unfortunately I am not able to share the work. But I did shoot some nature shots with Instagram I thought I would share with you.

Posted 21. September 2012

My latest travel article from Thailand. All images were shot with the Instagram app. The article featured in Danish daily Politiken.

Posted 22. juli 2012

I recently went to Azerbaijan to do a story about the country and its problems with lack of democracy. But there was time for some leisure as well. I Went to the town of Lahic, which is well known for its carpets and beautiful mountains. I found a cemetery where I plan to be buried when I die. Enjoy :)

Posted 20. juli 2012

Here are a couple of examples of work I have been involved in these last couple of months.

A couple of months a go I worked with one of the political parties of the Danish parliament in photographing their 12 MPs official press photos.
here is political spokesperson of Enhedslisten, Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen.

A couple of weeks a go I was involved in photographing a music video for the Danish artist Rangleklods. The video was shot for the production company 20:34film.
Watch the video at Vimeo.


Posted 4. April 2012

Recently I collected and edited a large sum of photographs that I was given from different parts of my family.
The goal was to create a large book about my family and its history with my mother as an anchor in this story.

The photographs range from pictures of my mother and my grandfather (the first photograph) my great grandmother(13) my mum and dad when they got married(8) to photographs of students celebrating at my grandparents old farm(10) and of me(11) and everything in between.

The book contains 192 photographs dating back from 1910-1930 to 2012.
This is a selected few just for looking.

The book was given to my mother on her 60th birthday as a gift.

For all you people Thinking about going to Roskilde festival(for those who don't know its northern Europe's largest festival, and its in Denmark) this year, look at this! Start saving your money! Its gonna be better than ever.
The series was shot with disposable cameras

posted january 27. 2012

Look at this. I just re-edited one part of my water project in the West Bank so it addresses the topic in a new way.

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